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Hotel Information / Communal Baths
Katsuyu Communal Baths
Hotel Katsuyama PREMIER Roof (8F)
15:00~25:00 / 6:00~10:00
The communal baths are open to overnight guests at either the PREMIER or The Second.
Soak away travel weariness in our spacious indoor bath and expansive open-air bath.
The women's bath also has a passcode lock, so you can bathe without worry.
Card Keys for Every Room Throughout the Hotel
Katsuyama Hotel ensures security by using card keys for all rooms throughout the hotel.
There is also a security lock system on the hotel entrance which activates after 12 p.m., so only hotel guests can enter.
Automated Machines
Smooth Check-Out with Automated Machines
There are automated check-out machines in the lobby of each building.
These allow for a smooth check-out even if you have no time in the morning when on a business trip.
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
On the same floor as the Katsuyu communal baths.
・Washing machine: 300 yen for 1 cycle
・Dryer: 100 yen for 30 minutes
※Detergent is sold at the front desk for 30 yen per packet.
We have all kinds of equipment
to make businesspeople happy.

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